Saturday, November 8, 2008

2008 EO Singapore University Tropical Beach Party @ Sentosa ~ 7th Nov 2008

It was a beautiful night blessed wth a perfect weather conditions along the amazing stretch of Tanjong Beach in Sentosa, Singapore. Bath Culture is honoured to be there to pamper the 260 delegates from all over the world with rounds after rounds of Neck & Shoulder Therapy right on the beautiful white sand. Amazing Night!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

Singapore Business and Professional Women Association

Stars At Bath Culture: Mya and Aileen

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HDB Tai Tai Visit Bath Culture

HDB Tai Tai

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The International Bar Association Conference

The International Bar Association Conference 2007 . Singapore

Bath Culture Foot Therapy is proud to provide an evening of relaxing foot and body therapy for over 3,000 lawyers from across the world during its Annual Conference 2007 in Singapore.

Bath Culture in WHEELS magazine

Japanese Love Bath Culture

Compliments from Singapore Tourism Board

'Foot Rubs Are Elevated To An Art Form At Bath Culture' Uniquely Singapore

Located in the heart of Chinatown (just a three-minute walk from the Chinatown MRT station), Bath Culture reinvents Chinese foot reflexology. Touted as "more than a foot rub", Bath Culture offers foot baths and neck and shoulder massages as well. Also, the concept here is more spa-like. In place of the florescent lights and pedestrian air of other Chinese foot reflexology centres does décor resemble an ancient Chinese chamber with silk lanterns and dark red walls.

Foot baths are offered in wooden tubs of water at a temperature of about 42°C. Choose from a variety of foot bath salts, from moisturising milk crystal mud bath to antiseptic black plum natural foot bath. Foot baths are believed to improve blood circulation (hence the warm water, reminiscent of a Japanese onsen) and metabolism and promote sleep.

A 20-minute foot bath costs SGD 19-23, a 20-minute neck and shoulder massage SGD 29 and a 40-minute foot massage SGD 40. We recommend the 60-minute session, dubbed Healthy Sole, Happy Soul (SGD 69). Your therapist rubs down your neck and shoulders while you soak your feet, then you get a foot massage using an in-house cream concocted from jojoba oil. (Bath Culture tip: If you're not used to water that warm, keep your feet firmly placed on the bottom of the tub while they get used to the temperature.)

Business has been brisk and the shop often stays open past 10pm to accept customers who pop by for an after-dinner foot soak and massage. There are plans for further expansion and, in late July, Bath Culture will offer body massages using Javanese and Chinese techniques in the shop space upstairs. Customers will also get to enjoy "the freshest air in Singapore" as oxygenated air will be continually pumped into the room - a concept similar to oxygen bars.