Thursday, June 9, 2011

Visit Bath Culture Foot Therapy @ Chinatown Singapore for a Uniquely Singapore Lifestyle Experience

More Than a Foot Rub:
Introducing Ancient Foot Bath Ritual with Foot Reflexology

From time to time, the self needs solitude, space and peace to recharge its batteries. At Bath Culture, the timeless art of inspiring health and inner well-being has been perfected. Warm up your body with a soothing foot bath served in a traditional wooden tub, ideal after a hard day’s work.
Combining herbal remedies and century-old traditions, our foot baths uses natural ingredients like black plum, fresh milk and green tea for its curative effects. Followed by an oriental foot massage, feel your muscles being kneaded and the tension seep away from your body as you drift off to soothing oriental music and enter a realm of blissful happiness and total relaxation. A uniquely Singapore experience, Bath Culture Foot Therapy is designed to be sanctuaries for the inner self, to refresh and rejuvenate your spirit as well as your physical being.

Perfectly nestled in Chinatown, along the mesmeric Temple Street is a cozy enclave featuring touches of ancient Oriental design. Reds, browns and creams, are the theme colours, highlighted with interesting Chinese artifact and soft lighting ensures a soothing atmosphere. Relaxing oriental jazz music and traditional Chinese instrumental classics, evocative of a bygone era serves as a soothing appeal to the ears. Shapes, symbols and materials, characteristic of the Orient, set in the structures and in the d├ęcor, entice you into the Eastern theme of soothing and relaxation.

Ancient oriental is the flavour of this small, intimate foot reflexology boutique where an exotic array of sights, sounds, smells and pampering experiences await you. All too often we take our bodies for granted, putting continual demands on ourselves. Our legs and feet frequently get ignored and small twinges and discomforts often go unheeded. Massage provides the means to ease these tensions and revitalize this weight-bearing part of the body.

Come and experience sense of the orient at Bath Culture Foot Therapy and let the trained hands of our therapists soothe away your worries.

Opens daily from 12 noon to 12 midnight.

59 temple street Singapore 058604

t: +65 62266289

f: +65 62266287


happy canada said...

I would love to visit this place someday..

ms usa ionic said...

Loos like it's fun to have a foot relaxation there in Singapore. Definitely a tourist site for tourist like me who is wandering all over Singapore. :P

australia sky said...

Really nice place, I should give foor therapy a try.

Unknown said...

The place is really good with all comfort and luxury for customers.

Visit Here

Gregory Anne said...

Hi, I heard about this bath culture and foot therapy. I had an eager to have it once. your post on Singapore lifestyle experience on it is really good.

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